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April 2016


Special Economic Zone Dubna

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Special Economic Zones of Technical Innovation Type are creating to increase the share of Russia’s presence in the World markets of high-tech products, to develop mechanisms of concentration of the intellectual and other resources at the certain area in modern conditions and also forsolving the priorities tasks in science and technology.

The activities which are developing by SEZ Dubna:

  • Information technologies
  • Nuclear physics and nanotechnology
  • Bio and medical technologies
  • Composite materials
  • Design of complex technical systems

Residents of the zone have the rights to carry on the territory of a special economic zone only technology development activities. The technical and promotional activities means the creation, production and implementation of scientific and technical products, the creation and implementation of programs for computers (computer programs), databases, topographies of integrated circuits, information systems. The provision of services for implementation and maintenance of products, programs, databases and systems, and also the production of scientific and technical products.